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Portlet Location Tracker - v1.1 Released for Liferay 6.2 and Liferay 6.1

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I am pleased to share that Portlet Location Tracker v1.1 has been released .

New release of Portlet Location Tracker now supports Liferay 6.2 as well.  In the v1.1 of Portlet Location Tracker we have added functionality to remove portlet from page.

Now user can remove any portlet from page in one shot using Portlet Location Tracker.

No need to browse pages to remove portlet just use Portlet Location Tracker , search for your portlet and from results remove from portlet from desired page.

Thank you ,
Jitendra Rajput
Consultant @ CIGNEX Datamatics 

Liferay - Override ServiceImpl Using Ext

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It is recommended to implement hook to override any portal service but there are certain limitation if you are overriding portal service using hook.

Override a Portal Service using Hook

You won't be able to access any class of portal-impl.jar inside hook so its better to use ext-plugin in such case.

This post will describe how to override any service impl class using ext.

First of all create ext-plugin. Inside ext-impl/src create META-INF folder.

Create ext-spring.xml file. You might have question why we have to create xml file with this specific name. To know more on this you need to check spring.configs property of file.

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Create Portlet URL In Liferay

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Here is the example by which you can retrieve URL of portlet which is reside on another Page.
Let say if you have Portlet A on page A and there is one more portlet called Portlet B on some other page that you dont know

Option 1

Option 2

Popular Journal Article - Get Most Viewed Articles in Liferay

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Popular Journal Article

My new application - "Popular Journal Article" is now available on Liferay market place.
This  application can be used to find out popular journal article/web contents of current group. Based on the view count of journal article this app will display list of articles. Application will not display any web content/Journal article with zero view counts. User can configure number of popular articles they want to see from configuration menu.

i.e If user wants to see top 20 popular article for current group then they can set the maxium records to display from configuration menu.

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Document Download Tracking - Check who downloaded your document in Liferay

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Document Download Tracking

My 2nd app Document Download Log Hook  is now available on Liferay market  place . Its a common requirement where we want to track document download activities. This can be done with any third party analytic tool as well but some times we can use Liferay persisted data itself to track downloads.

Document download tracker can used as alternative to any analytic tool. It can be integrated with document library to track document downloads. Once you enable this app it will automatically persist all the information about who downloaded document. App will store information like User name and Remote IP address . This app has functionality clear logs for any document. User can also clear download logs for all document if they wish.

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